Isolated Maps

After examining the original maps, I concluded that it might help to isolate the data on some categories to see if that revealed any patterns. Specifically I chose to focus on the “Industry of Financier” and “Architectural Style” layers, since each of these had one outlier category that made it difficult to visualize other potential patterns.

Additionally, I had hoped to create a slider map that would allow one to see houses appear on the map as they were “built,” and disappear from the map as they were “demolished.” Because of the way my data was structured this was not possible, but I was able to make two maps that isolate the construction and demolition year ranges. By manually clicking each year on in order, you can watch this process occur.

To use these maps, click the categories in the legend to turn that grouping on/off.

Industry of Financier

Architectural Style

Year of Construction

Year of Demolition

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