Raw Data

In creating this project, I had to work with a large amount of data. To keep track of this data, as well as get it into a usable format, I created a spreadsheet with categories for the following:

  • Estate name – the original, or earliest recorded name of an estate.
  • Street name – the street the house is currently located at.
  • Town name – the town where each estate is located.
  • Coordinates – the geographic coordinates for an estate. When these could not be precisely located, I made a reasonable guess as to its location.
  • Estate Acreage – the largest recorded acreage of an estate.
  • Acreage – grouped – acreage grouped into general categories by size.
  • Year Built – the year or years construction of an estate took place. Some estates have an approximate year or a date range.
  • Construction year – grouped – year of construction grouped by decade.
  • Architect – the name of the architect or firm that designed an estate.
  • House Architectural Style – the architectural style of a home, as recorded in Spinzia’s book. This category may not be 100% accurate, since architectural style can be subjective.
  • Financier – the name of the person who financed or commissioned the estate. Generally, this is also the first person to live in the home.
  • Primary profession of financier – the primary job held by each financier. For a further explanation, see Methodology.
  • Industry of financier – the categorized industry of the financiers.
  • Year Demolished (if applicable) – the year a house was demolished. An estimate or range is used in some cases.
  • Demolished – grouped – the demolition information of an estate, grouped by decade.
  • Current Use (if applicable) – the current use of an estate, including the business name if used for commercial purposes.
  • Current Use categorized – the current use or demolition status of an estate, grouped by category.
  • Notes – additional information about the estate, if necessary.
  • Notes 2 – additional information about the estate, if necessary.

This spreadsheet is available for viewing and download below.

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